Prosthodontics and rehabilitation

Smiling is one of the most powerful tools you have to not only increase your well-being, but also favor your non-verbal communication.

Oral health is part of our general healthcare and must be one of our priorities. Prosthodontics speciality is in charge of assessing, designing and proposing a treatment plan, in many cases multidisciplinary (involving other specialities) , to restore a patient’s dentition by using dental prosthesis or direct restorations. 

Our team of prosthodontists prepare the treatment plan in collaboration with the rest of the specialists in order to offer our patients the best possible care. Our philosophy includes saving the patient unnecessary visits and shortening treatment sessions.

Prótesis y Rehabilitaciones Dentales

Our clinic uses the most pioneering technology in prosthodontics: the 3D intraoral scanner which allows us to make digital 3D impressions of the patient’s teeth. Yet, what are the benefits of using this scanner?

The first benefit is the patient’s comfort, as we avoid introducing a mould with alginate (as it was traditionally done) avoiding a nauseous and suffocating feeling. 

The second advantage is the precision and control that scanning offers beside its ability to predict the final results. This analysis allows us to show the patient how their mouth will look after the treatment. This method is much more accurate than the traditional one.

The third is speed as the results are sent to the laboratory immediately and that shortens and meets treatment timelines.

Overall, the accuracy of their measurements and their predictive capacity leads to obtaining better results and  improving treatment success rates. 

We have opted for CAD-CAM technology because we value our patients’ time very highly. This system allows us to deliver this 3D digitalised image to a software that designs the dental crown (the tooth) and sends it to our own milling unit, which offers the possibility of creating the dental crown at that moment. Using this manufacturing technique allows us to deliver  crowns and inlays in one day.

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Prótesis y Rehabilitaciones Dentales
Prótesis y Rehabilitaciones Dentales