Dental aesthetics
Trainng aesthetics

It is said that a smile is the most powerful expression of non-verbal communication.

At HARMONIA DENTAL MIJAS we are aware of the influence of social networks on the appearance and the high demand for aesthetic dental treatments, which has doubled in the last five years.  For this reason,  our team has been  in continuous educaction in this field  and we rely on  the latest technology and techniques  in cosmetic dentistry.

Designing your smile

Dental aesthetics is in charge of designing the patient’s smile in the most natural way treating all the alterations, dysmorphia and oral or dental pathologies with the aim of obtaining an harmonious smile adapted to patient’s aesthetic preferences.

Dental aesthetics incorporates various treatments such as orthodontics, tooth whitening, aesthetic fillings or dental veneers, techniques that have evolved in order to meet the population’s current demands.

We believe that the success in a dental aesthetics case is based upon a meticulous  treatment planification.

How do we plann an aesthetic case at HARMONIA DENTAL MIJAS ?
Escáner intraoral
Photographic study

It is the first step in any treatment. We carry out a photographic study to learn about the case and to ensure that the final result is completely satisfactory. We listen to the patient’s needs and we find out what they want to achieve and the best way to do so. There is a special attention to the theeth’s colour, the teeth’s anatomy and morphology and how to incorporate all of this into your dreamed smile.

3D smile simulation

We use the 3D scanner to digitalise the patient’s smile and to  plan the case having a constant communication with the patient. We will show you the final result before starting the treatment so that we can modify any aspects in order to achieve an optimized result for your full satisfaction.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin ceramic layers that are adhered to the front of the tooth in order to solve aesthetic problems of shape or colour.

Our spacialist and other members of the team dedicate a lot of time to prepare each smile design, elaborating a previous study with photographs, X-rays and 3D Scans. Above all, there is constant communication with the patient.

When all the necesarry steps are contemplated, we perform the necessary tests in the patient’s mouth (“mock up”), a sample version so that you can see your new smile before placing the final veneer restorations. This way we can make any adjustments that may be necessary. 

We collaborate with the best dental technicians and ceramists, who cradle the art of making individualised veneers for each patient. We adapt to the preferences of every patient, always trying  to achieve the most natural and pleasing results.

carillas dentales
Tooth whitening

It is a dental  treatment whose main objective is reducing several shades of the original colour of the teeth leaving them whiter and brighter.

At HARMONIA DENTAL MIJAS we offer different types of tooth whitening, adapted to  the patient’s needs. In order to be able to assess you with the type of tooth whitening that best suits you, we first need to carry out an assessment of your oral health to exclude any dental disease. 

Tooth whitening is not recommended for patients with poor dental hygiene, untreated gingivitis or periodontal disease, very sensitive teeth, caries, loss of enamel, dental trauma and cracks or fissures.

Why should you trust HARMONIA DENTAL MIJAS ?

We have a team of specialised professionals in dental aesthetics and we work with the  best dental laboratories in this particular field