What is orthodontics?


It is a brunch of dentistry that is specifically concerned with diagnosis and treating tooth misalignment and irregularity in the jaw area. Orthodontics is responsible for creating healthy and beautiful smiles, by moving the teeth, lips and jaw bones.

It improves the patient’s oral health, as an incorrect dental occlusion can cause discomfort in the musculature and generate pain in head, neck, shoulders or back. It also contributes to ease oral hygiene and brushing by aligning the teeth and therefore preventing caries and gum problems. Orthodontics imply a change for the better of our teeth and lips aesthetics.

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Which orthodontic treatment is right for me?

There are many orthodontic treatments that may be suitable for you and your needs such as metal brackets, aesthetic brackets or invisible orthodontics such as Invisalign.

At Harmonia Dental MIJAS we offer a free consultation with the orthodontics specialist to assess which treatment is necessary or appropriate for you.

We carry out an individualised study, using intraoral scanners, radiographs  and photographs of your mouth and face in order to come up with the best treatment plan, that suits you and your life style.

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Our orthodontists are experts in aligning teeth, modifying the jaw growth and monitoring facial and dental development. They can prevent jaw and dental anomalies, as well as diagnose and treat them.

Don’t hesitate and ask for your free consultation. We will inform you without any commitment.