Consicious sedation
Afraid of the dentist?

At HARMONIA DENTAL MIJAS,  for those patients suffering from anxiety, dental phobia or fear of pain, we offer a conscious sedation performed by an anaesthesiologist. Conscious sedation is mainly used in surgical procedures but can also be used in long lasting dental treatments. 

What does sedation involve?

The patient is brought to a low level of consciousness and a state of maximum relaxation, preserving the ability to answer the dentist’s verbal stimuli and being able to collaborate whenever the dental treatment requires it. It also produces a certain amnesia so that the patient will not remember what happened during the dental intervention.

The aim of our work as specialists is to provide you with a professional care so that your experience as a patient is excellent. Thanks to the conscious sedation, we ensure that dental treatments are comfortable and pleasant.

Other advantages that this technique can offer:

  • Several treatments can be performed in one day resulting in fewer visits to the dentist.
  • It facilitates and aids the patient’s recovery.
  • Efficiency and safety : a relaxed and cooperative patient allows the professional to perform faster and more safely.
  • When performing regenerative surgeries and other interventions that require more time, such as the placement of several implants, this procedure becomes quite essential.

We work closely with OBA SEDACIONES, a prestigious company that offers the service of conscious sedation and post-operative pain management in centres that need such interventions.

 OBA provides our dental practice with a quality service, based on appropriate protocols that meet our health needs and  highly qualified staff. It also gives an exclusive service and a rigorous monitoring of the patient both,  pre-operatively and post-operatively. 

We would like to highlight  that not all dental practices offer this type of service since it requires technical resources and administrative licences that are difficult to obtain. Another reason to trust us.

In other words,

You relax. We work.