Dental implants in Mijas

Implant Specialists

The absence of one or more teeth is directly related to a lower quality of life. Currently, the chewing ability could be restored in patients with tooth loss using dental implants. 

In HARMONIA DENTAL we are specialists in dental implants and resolution of complex cases. We count on latest technology together with the vast professional experience of Dr. Aleksandar Vujanovic. We can solve either simple or complex cases successfully, relying always on quality treatments and materials in order to achieve success.

Dr. Aleksandar Vujanovic is our specialist in Oral surgery and Implantology with more than 14 years of experience and exclusive dedication to these specialties. Dr. Vujanovic, as principal at Harmonia Dental, specialises in bone regenerative surgeries and performs pioneering techniques, such as positioning of Subperiosteal meshes which allows dental implants to be placed even in patients with a total absence of bone.

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First visit:

Appointment with our specialist together with CT scan (3D-image) for the appropriate diagnosis of the bone where the implant will be placed. Medication will be given at this visit, if necessary.

Second visit:

Implant placement with complementary surgeries if needed. Conscious sedation could be used if requested by the patient.

Third visit:

Weekly check-up with the specialist to control the healing and to remove any sutures that may have been placed.


First visit:

3D scanning of your mouth in order to digitally elaborate the prosthesis/ dental crown that will go over the implant or implants.

Second visit:

Crown fitting in simple cases or successive visits for more complex cases.

What is Bone Regeneration?

The success, stability and durability of an implant depends on the quality of the bone that supports it. In certain cases, it is necessary to increase the amount of bone in the area where the implant is to be placed. Bone regeneration, also called bone grafting, is a step further for patients who previously did not have the opportunity to have an implant placed due to the lack of bone.

Dr. Aleksandar Vujanovic, principal at HARMONIA DENTAL, is one of the most experienced and specialised surgeons in Costa del Sol, in the use of these bone regeneration techniques.

What are the advantages of dental implants?


  • You will regain the correct masticatory function.
  • You will improve your dental aesthetics and your smile.
  • Adjacent teeth will not be damaged to support any conventional prosthesis.
  • Bone reduction caused by tooth loss is avoided.
  • It is considered a definitive treatment.
Afraid of intervention?

Harmonia dental has a professional team of anaesthetists that provide a conscious sedation for the patients who suffer dental anxiety or for patients who want to undergo surgery in a more comfortable and relaxed manner.

What is the price of a dental implant?

The cost of an implant (only the screw) can vary from €400 to €1,000. Yet, this should not be the reason for choosing one dental clinic over another. Different factors will condition the price difference:

  • The QUALITY and the TYPE of the implant. At HARMONIA DENTAL we only use high-end implants, working with the Straumann brand solely. 
  • The SPECIALIST and his EXPERIENCE. Dr. Aleksandar Vujanovic is a highly trained specialist, devoted exclusively to oral surgery and implants; therefore, his expertise in the field is greater than that of most of his colleagues.
  • DIAGNOSIS. A good diagnosis carried out by a specialist is crucial. We use 3D technology to assess your specific case and the density and thickness of your bone where the implant will be placed.
  • At HARMONIA DENTAL we perform surgical treatments in a comfortable and relaxed way, adapting to your times  and needs. 
  • We use state of the art DENTAPEN, offering painless dental anaesthesia for your major comfort. 
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