Invisible orthodontics

You’ve probably heard of Invisalign treatment. But do you know how it really works? Invisalign is a transparent, practically invisible orthodontic system that moves the teeth through its own method. It has been developed by Invisalign and it consists of a series of transparent and removable splints that only need to be removed when eating.

Ortodoncia invisible
How may I choose a Dental Clinic to start my Invisalign treatment?
  1. CHOOSE AN ORTHODONTIST: Require that your dentist is an orthodontist with a Master’s degree in this speciality. A general dentist may not have the appropriate training and can put your dental health at risk.
  2. EXPERIENCE: The quality of the results is related to the experience of your specialist. You should verify that they have experience solving cases like yours. Some photographs can be shown on a first visit and the Invisalign brand requires all the orthodontists to have a specific training in their aligners. Ask about it!
  3. THE BRAND: We do not recommend using  house brand aligners especially if your case is complex. The software and the years of development that Invisalign possess , provide a much superior ability to move teeth with precision required.
Is the Invisalign treatment effective?

Yes, there is a considerable number of studies and constant innovations that guarantee results. Moreover, being a digitalised system offers an adequate precision in the planning of teeth movement. As dental specialists, we have total confidence in Invisalign and we consider it as a treatment of superior quality!

However, there are complex cases that cannot be treated with invisalign or if they are treated, they will require other “extra help” to achieve a correct and better treatment.

What are the benefits of Invisalign?
  1. It is transparent and almost imperceptible: no one will notice you’re wearing orthodontic aligners!
  2. It is removable: so you can put the aligners on and take them out to eat and drink, allowing you to continue with your daily diet. It also permits you to brush your teeth, thus ensuring  appropriate oral hygiene.
  3. They are very comfortable to wear: They do not cause ulcers or irritation in the mouth as it is often the case with traditional orthodontic brackets.
  4. The 3D scanner: will offer you a simulation of how your final smile will be before starting the treatment.
  5. Sports: Fixed orthodontics with brackets can be a risk when practicing various sports. Any fall or small bump can cause important injuries to the lips, tongue or cheeks. With the Invisalign treatment this possible risk disappears as the aligners have a smooth surface and a perfect adaptation to the teeth. In addition, it allows the comfortable use of mouth guards in impact sports.
Invisalign step by step:
  1. Our specialist will perform an orthodontic study + Clincheck. During this visit we will take photographs, X-rays and a 3D intraoral scan to study your case in depth taking into account all the aesthetic and functional aspects involved in your treatment. We will send this study to the Invisalign laboratory to develop the Clincheck.
  2. Manufacturing your personalized aligners. Once the Clincheck is approved in the clinic, Invisalign laboratory will start manufacturing your customized aligners.

  3. Beginning of your treatment. Once your aligners arrive at our clinic, we will contact you to start the treatment. During this visit we will solve any doubts you may have and most importantly; you will be able to change your aligners at home, without having to come to the clinic!
  4. Monitoring appointments. Appointments will be scheduled for you approximately every 8 weeks to check your progress and to provide you with the next batch of aligners. If you need us sooner, we will be always there to help you, anytime!

  5. Your desired smile. Once the spacialist has confirmed that the objectives have been accomplished, we will place the appropriate retainers to prevent any movement of the teeth. It is time to start enjoying your smile!

How long does an Invisalign treatment take?

Invisalign orthodontic treatment can require from 6 to 12 months for simple cases, 18/24 months for most cases and a few months longer for more complex situations.

There are two variables that must be fulfilled in order to achieve an effective invisalign treatment:

  1. Plan every step of the treatment in order to achieve the goals.
  2. Your collaboration is very important: You must wear the splints for the prescribed time, attend your visits, maintain good hygiene at home and use the elastics when your orthodontist tells you to do so.
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✅ Our treatments can be fully financed up to 36 months with no interest.

✅ After having made a diagnosis we hand you an orthodontic treatment plan with a fixed quote, without small print, that includes EVERYTHING you are going to need for the duration of treatment , such as; visits, materials, emergencies and post-treatment retainers. EVERYTHING is included.